Monday, 8 June 2015

Hot Ride with Awesome Model in Harley Davidson and Canon event

Last weekend, I participated in an awesome event that was organised by Canon and Harley Davidson.
Since, Harley Davison was one of the organiser, eventually the event was filled with hot ride from Harley Davidson. Next, the event was also completed with awesome model from CAD.
The event was held at Beach Streets Penang in conjunction of Occupy Beach Streets event that is held every Sunday. On that day there are supposed to have around 100 giant Harley Davidson motorcycles gather at the area along with 5 awesome bike located at different corner of the streets for our photoshoot. Then at every corner, there will be hot model posing with the bike for the photoshoot. So we will take out chance to shoot the model and the bike at the same time. The event is also a form of friendly competition consist of three category which are Portrait photoshoot, Model with bike and bike only. The winner will get merchandise from Harley Davidson. There are too many participant so they did not have the time to pick the winner so they will annouce the winner later in the week. However, everyone is a champion that day. :)
So, lets enjoy the awesome photos :)


That is all for the photoshoot,
The are definitely awesome models and great bikes.
So Thanks Canon and Harley Davidson Penang for this event.

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Burn it up to create some smoke for the Dark Queen

Lets kick start June with some dark photoshoot.
The idea is to make a gothic,dark photoshoot in a really dark place and late hours.
This photoshoot, we would like to try to do some smoke photoshoot and also fire photoshoot.
The idea for the photoshoot is to have a dark queen along with her follower and warrior to protect her. So we will create a smoky surrounding to create dark and creepy feeling then used a backlighting to freeze the motion of the smoke and to colour the smoke.
The style of the queen will be sort of gothic style and feel with normal muscular joe as
the follower.  Next, we also try to have more models in the photoshoot which in this case we are lucky to find three models which are Irene,Mervin and Ken. 
Other then the model, we also have some awesome assistance which are Foo Tong and Melody because this photoshoot will never workout without them. Yeah, they are very important because all the effect will be their work and effort. Foo Tong is the awesome smokers that create crazy smoke and Melody will be our make up artist of the day that further enhance the effect of our theme. So first, we already have the idea but we do not have the proper equipment to create the smoke.The solution for this will be to burn something and let it smoke. Then we will distribute the smoke around the area along he photoshoot. This is quite dangerous but we did it beside the sea which is full of water so it still alright. However, it is necessary to take great care of our crew safety. During the shoot, we are there quite late and the situation was not very nice.
It was pitch black and the worst thing is the wave is rising higher as the time goes by.
So the situation was hectic and rush. So at the end of the day, we goes to the highest area and shot there. However, we wasted a lot of time along moving around the area and the pitch black situation did not help at all. Next, burning thing did create smoke but it is quite hard to control the direction and the flow of the smoke. This is where our awesome smoker come into play and create awesome flow and amount of smoke.
Next,we proceed to the fire shoot. We wanted to create the fire effect using fire work but then we are equip with limited firework and time so the fire shot did not turn out well.
Anyway, under that hectic situation we did manage to get some awesome smoke photos.
The entire photoshoot is shot with Fuji X-E1 with 35mm 1.4 and three Yong Nuo flashes.
Enjoy the Dark Queen.

That is all. Hope you all enjoy this dark photoshoot.
A big thanks to all the crew in this photoshoot and hope
they enjoy the photoshoot and love the photo of course.
Hope you enjoy this photos as well and stay tuned for more soon.


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